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Bus Routes

Parents:  Please notice that we use a "Route System". The bus number may change throughout the year but the route number and animal character will ALWAYS be the same.

Route #1 /Whale/Mr. Gerber - County Rt #10, Fultner Rd., County Rt #7, Center Rd., NYS Rt #23 district line to Kinney Rd., NYS Rt #23 door side only no crossing from Kostenko Sutton Rd to Center Rd and Pitcher Hill Rd. to lower Cincly four ccorners, including Baptist Ave.

Route #2 /Giraffe/Mrs. Kula - Allen Hill Rd., Cheningo-Solon Pond Rd., Brooks Hill Rd., Elwood Rd., NYS Rt #26 in Taylor from Factory Dr. to Miles Rd., NYS Rt #26 from Union Valley Rd. to Taylor Wesleyan Church, Piety Hill Rd.

Route #3 /Butterfly/Mr. Wyns - Landers Corners Rd., Fish Hill Rd, Johnson Rd.,  NYS Rt #221, Beech Rd., Conrad Rd., Lake Rd., Gee Brook Rd., NYS Routes #26 & 41 to “The Y”.

Route #4 /Dinosaur/Mr. Waffner - Webb Rd, Holtmart Rd., Penelope Rd., NYS Rt #41, Forshee Rd, Morey Hill Rd.

Route #5 /Bunny/Mrs. Beckwith - Cross Rd., County Rt #2, Temple Rd., Maroney Rd., Hollow Rd., Burkholder Rd., Pheasant Farm Rd., Brandy Lane, Smith Kingsman Rd., Melody Lake Rd.

Route #6 /Turtle/Mr. Clark - Rt #12 to district line, Union Valley Rd., Cook Rd., Oak Hill Rd., Foulds Rd., NYS Rt #26 district line and Cincinnatus Rd., Pitcher Springs Rd., Hakes-Calhoun Rd, Deer Path.

Route #7 /Swan/Mrs. White - NYS Rt #23 door side only no crossing – Lower Cincinnatus four corners to Kostenko-Sutton Rd and Kostenko Sutton Rd to Pitcher Hill Rd., Pitcher Hill Rd., Rte 26

Route #8 /Bear/Mr. Totman - Whitney Rd., Suarez Rd., Hawley Woods Rd., Mt. Roderick Rd., Taylor Valley Rd., NYS Rt #26 door side only no crossing from Telephone Rd to Miles Rd. Doran Hill, Kiwanis Rd., Preston Rd.

Route #9 /Dog/Mr. Eccleston - Fox Rd., Dutch Hill Rd. and Spur, Maricle Rd., Freetown Crossing Rd., Texas Valley Rd., Williwana Ave., NYS Rt #41 door side only no crossing from Rte 26 to the end of the district, Knickerbocker Rd., Clark Rd., Stone Rd., Route 26 from Rte 41 to Telephone Rd. 

Route #10 /Camel/Mr. Maricle - Carr Rd., Kemak Rd., Rt #26 door side only no crossing from Lower Cincinnatus to the Broome County line ,Willet four corners and Church St., Baldwins Corners Rd.

Route #11 /Monkey/Mr. Fowlston - MacFarlane Rd, Frye Rd, North End Rd, Birdlebough Rd, Bentley Gramch Rd., County Rd 2, German Rd, Rte 41 from and including the trailer park to Willet four corners.