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Board of Education

Margaret Peri- President
Term Expiration: 6/30/2020
Jessica Latta-Vice President
Term Expiration: 6/30/2018
Peter Bush
Term Expiration: 6/30/2018
Richard Dodge
Term Expiration: 6/30/2019
Nathan Metzler
Term Expiration: 6/30/2020
Charles Winters
Term Expiration: 6/30/2019
Jeffrey Delepine
Term Expiration: 6/30/2020



BoardDocs Help: All Board meeting minutes may be viewed from our Commnunity BoardDocs page (click on the button at left or use the link in the left navigation sidebar). From the BoardDocs page, simply choose your desired meeting date from the list on the left (categorized by year) and then click "View Agenda" to read the full meeting minutes organized by the original agenda. CCS Policy documents, which are available for public review, are listed in the "Featured" section (not by year only) and are marked with a yellow star.

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Alumni & Community

Cincinnatus Central Schools
Mr. Steven V. Hubbard, Superintendent

2809 Cincinnatus Road
Cincinnatus, NY 13040
607-863-3200 TEL.
607-863-4109 FAX