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A Look at Our Alumni

Alicia Aiken is an alumna of Cincinnatus Central school, Class of 2006. She is currently working as a counselor at TC3. While she was in high school she knew she wanted to be a counselor. In high school she took psychology courses with Mr. Snyder, which helped her recognize her passion for helping people. After graduation she went to college at TC3 where she majored in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. After getting her degree at TC3 Alicia went to SUNY Cortland, majoring in Psychology and then went to Syracuse University, to get her masters in social work. While at Syracuse University she did a field placement program which was required for her degree. Moving from such a small school as Cincinnatus to college wasn’t hard for her since a lot of students she graduated with also went to TC3 and she was close to home. Colleges offer a lot of help and she recommends that students make full use of that for the struggles they may face in college. The adjustment also was much easier because of opportunities she had in high school, like participating in the ACE program. The ACE program enabled her to tour different local colleges to help her decide what she might want to do after graduation. Now she is a counselor at TC3 where she helps students with personal problems, including stress, roommate issues and depression. She encourages students to start early, looking at colleges and scholarships. Ask your teachers about different programs, and take college courses. All of these can make your college experience A LOT more enjoyable!

Submitted by: Kennedy Crothers

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