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    Rainforest Fundraising Project

    Starting on November 25th the 10th grade students in Mr. Morrell’s biology class held a fundraiser to help protect the rain forest in Peru. The student’s had been learning about the rain forest and the deforestation that occurs all around the world, and as they learned about it they wanted to help. The students asked Mr. Morrell if there were any ways in which they could help stop deforestation. He then told the students about Rainforest Trust, an organization that he had learned about in college. This organization uses donations to buy acres of rainforest that are going to be destroyed and turns them into a reserve, like the national parks that we have here in the U.S. As the students learned more they decided to ask for donations from family and friends in the community to help this cause. For every 50 cents that was donated to the rainforest fundraiser an acre of land was added on to an existing reserve, Sierra del Divisor, in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest. The students raised a total of $150, which saved 200 acres of land by December 23rd. By adding this land to the reserve they saved the rainforest from becoming a highway, which also would have made it easier to log around the highway. Without this fundraiser much of the rainforest would have been destroyed. They also saved 10 acres of the rainforest in Madagascar with the money they raised. For more information about Rainforest Trust or if you would like to donate go to

    Written by: Cassie Warner
    2809 Cincinnatus Road
    Cincinnatus, NY 13040