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Congratulations to the Cortland County Youth of the Year!

Bethany, along with her parents, at the
award ceremony. 
      On November 18th, 2014, Bethany Ward received the 2014 Cortland County Youth of the Year award and also received an iPad mini as an additional reward. This award is for any Cortland county resident under the age of twenty-one that exhibits leadership, service, resilience with significant contributions in community and school involvement, character and personal accomplishments and are nominated by a resident of the community.
      Bethany was nominated by Ms. Eccleston and then by Ms. Carey for this award. When Ms. Eccleston was asked why she chose to nominate Bethany she stated “Bethany is an incredible young lady who dedicates her entire self to everything she’s involved in – National Honor Society, Student Senate, Track, Soccer, and church and community activities. Bethany always puts others before herself, isn’t afraid to make hard decisions, and always wants what’s best for everyone.”
      Ms. Eccleston also noted that when she had Bethany as a student in her Holocaust elective she thought critically about every piece of information that was thrown at her and she showed her excellent determination toward everything she does. Ms. Carey also stated that Bethany was a great example of everything that the nomination committee was asking for because of how involved Bethany is in the community and school, and her overall determination to do great things.
      The local officials said that Bethany’s desire to help and serve others is what they wish to spread to more youth and is what made her stand out from the eleven other nominees. Congratulations to Bethany, we are looking forward to seeing her move on to Davis College next fall and seeing her success in the future.
            Another student from Cincinnatus was nominated for this award as well; Zach Root was also selected as one of the 12 finalists to attend the award ceremony with his parents, Kelley and Mike Root.  Congratulations to Zach on his accomplishments as well. Cincinnatus Central School is proud of both of these young adults.
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