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The Spooky House Project

Students Jayden Neilson and Isabella Doughty
The Kindergarten students in Mrs. Loomis’s classroom have been working on a very interesting “Project Based Learning” experience.  A member of the community, Mrs. Carolyn Pudney, visited the classroom and explained to the children that she had received an unusual request by phone. A client was requesting to purchase a home but the house he was looking for must be made out of recycled materials and be spooky in appearance. She asked the children for their help in designing a home for this client. The class happily agreed to build the house for Mrs. Pudney to sell.
            They began learning about recycling and then brought in recycled materials from home. They also researched how homes are constructed and watched a time elapsed video of a home being built from beginning to end. They then developed a list of real life jobs that they wanted to do in the construction process. Some children were the architects who drew up the blueprints and then explained them to the construction crew.  The class conducted surveys in the school and asked adults what they felt were the most spooky things. They then chose paint colors and objects to make the house spooky in appearance. When the painters were finished and the inspectors had checked the home for recycled materials and spookiness, they gave the go ahead for the electricians, interior designers, and landscapers to go to work. The final phase of our project was marketing the house.
            We are now anxiously awaiting word from Mrs. Pudney about a possible buyer for the home. This experience engaged the children in several 21st Century learning skills such as collaboration, communication, and creativity which they will need to be successful in their future work experiences. Not only have the children learned a great deal but they had fun too!
Submitted by:  Mrs. Chrystal Loomis