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Fingerlakes Trail Fieldtrip

           On October 3rd the high school health class and the aquatic biology class took a field trip to the Finger Lake Trail. These students hiked for a total of four miles along with Mrs. Knickerbocker, Mr. Schmidt, and Mr. Cringle. The purpose of this trip, for the high school health students, was to reinforce that health is a balance of physical, mental, spiritual, and social health, and these all can balance in nature. The health students also learned in health class about “Authentic Happiness,” that things don’t give us long-term happiness, experiences and memories do.  This experience of walking in nature helped the students to understand the benefit of having the Fingerlakes Trail nearby and hopefully they will want to hike it again on their own time.
            The students in Mr. Schmidt’s aquatic biology class benefited from the field trip because they have been studying the impact of riparian areas that surround rivers and the impact they may have on the streams that drain them. Also, today there are not many chances for people to unplug from technology and social media to enjoy and observe the nature of the world around us and see how lucky we are to live in this part of the world, which cannot be done inside the walls of a classroom. One of the aquatic students, Argyle McCoach, said that “The field trip was very exciting because I got to be outside in nature and get exercise.” The trip was an overall success and the health and aquatics classes really enjoyed their field trip on the Fingerlakes Trail.
Written by: Bethany Ward