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2014 Lion's Roar Staff

     This year we would like to welcome Bethany Ward, Cassie Warner, Kennedy Crothers, and Rosie Standish as the new members of the 2014-15 Lion’s Roar staff. Bethany is joining the Lion’s Roar staff for the first time as a senior this year. She is looking forward to seeing the “behind the scenes” of the school newspaper and seeing how much work actually goes into producing the Lion’s Roar. Cassie, Rosie, and Kennedy are all juniors this year and are also new to the Lion’s Roar staff. Cassie looks forward to being a part of spreading local and school news and learning how the school newsletter is actually put together. Kennedy is looking forward to writing articles about different topics along with learning how the Lions Roar gets put together. Rosie is looking forward to having a great time and learning to edit the pages of the Lion’s Roar. Throughout the year they all will be learning what it means to have to meet deadlines, take photographs, and be creative with the newsletter. Ms. Tankalavage is very excited to have this talented and motivated group to work with this year. We hope you all enjoy the Lion’s Roar this year!

Back, from left to right: Rosie Standish, Cassie Warner, Ms. Lori Tankalavage, Kennedy Crothers. Front: Bethany Ward.