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About Our School

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Cincinnatus School is a rural school of approximately 700 students (UPK-12), located in Cortland County, where our mission is to “Strive to meet the children’s needs, awaken their minds, and touch their hearts.” Although we certainly work very hard to help our students reach their full academic potential, per the guidelines and regulations of the NYS Education Department, we are most proud of our reputation to do so in a very caring and nurturing environment where we truly do care for each and every one of our students as though they were our own.  Education is a public service and our life’s work. Upon your visit to our school, we hope that you will agree that we have created a child centered environment where everyone is treated fairly and with respect.
Again, thank you for visiting our web site and welcome to Cincinnatus Central School!
Best Regards,
Steven V. Hubbard
Superintendent of Schools

School Logo, based on our bronze statue of
Roman General Cincinnatus & Lion 


Brief History

In the 1800's and early 1900's, one room school houses were abundant throughout the United States. Cincinnatus and the townships surrounding it were no different. Each township had at least one, though many had more than one, one room school house. In 1857, the Cincinnatus Union School and Academy were incorporated. This school, unlike the one room school houses of the area, required that tuition be paid to attend. In 1933, it became crowded, as well as many other one room school houses around the area. It was at this time that the members of the community began talking about building a Central School. Between 1934 and 1935, many plans were developed to present to the voting members of the community. The price that was presented to the voters was $275,000, which was quite a substantial figure for the time. This price was defeated, and several other recommendations were made with lower prices. The final price that was agreed upon was $214,500 for a school with a combination gym and auditorium (now the Old Gym). The building was finished in 1936, and the first graduating class from Cincinnatus Central School was the class of 1936. The first addition to Cincinnatus Central School came in 1950. It added a portion of the cafeteria that is present today, the technology shop room, and the library wing. In 1964, the present music room, and part of the elementary wing and cafeteria were built. Renovations and repairs to the roof, bus garage, heating system, and other problems were made in 1972. In 1983, the New Gym was added onto the school. Six years after that, in 1989, the primary wing, the F wing, and the auditorium were built. After the Board of Education and community approval in 2007, the EXcel project began construction in 2008. This project included restoration of improvements that were cut from a previous capital project due to budget constraints. The improvements included: interior lighting throughout the building, replacement of corridor ceilings, a new, more comprehensive security system, new fire alarm system, new clock and PA systems, roofing, a new single story four (4) classroom wing and technology enhancements. The next year, in May 2009, a new capital project began, lasting until 2011, that updated all parking lots, created a new bus loop, put in a new heating system, remodeled the kitchen and cafeteria and updated the athletic fields.The newest capital project "Protecting the Investment," began in 2014. When fully completed, this project will bring roof, window, and door replacements; updates to the auditorium, gymnasiums and athletic fields, science labs, library and bus garage; renovations in the Health office, and technology upgrades throughout the building.  

Click here to check out our complete historical building pictures gallery!


There are several traditions that have been a part of the Cincinnatus Central School district since the first years of its development; the Moving Up Day Ceremony, the Key Presentation and the Key Acceptance, and the Passing of the Flags. These traditions began in 1922 at the Cincinnatus Union School and Academy, and made their way over to the Central School when it was built in 1936. Ever since 1922, the senior class has tied their class color ribbons onto the Key of Knowledge and then passed it on to the next year's senior class. The Passing of the Flags is similar in nature. Each grade level has a flag that represents the grade level in which they are in. Each Moving Up Day, the flags are passed on to the next class and accepted by the grade level above. This moving up in grade level is symbolized by the flags and holds special significance to the students. These important ceremonies have taken place at Cincinnatus Central School for over nine decades!

One Room Schoolhouse in Cincinnatus area

Laying the Cornerstone of CCS Building, 1935

Construction on the CCS Building, late 1935

Keys of Knowledge from Key Ceremony
2809 Cincinnatus Road
Cincinnatus, NY 13040