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Computer Workstudy Program

The computer work study program at Cincinnatus is meant to inspire high school students for a career in technology and network administration with a major head start by being part of the district’s technology support team. It is an offering to students in grades 9-12 who apply for the job of Student Computer Technician and complete the course work along with hands-on daily duties. Students work during the school day one period a day, after school hours and on summer projects. Enrolled students stay in the course until they graduate high school.  The program is approved by the New York State Education Department and holds Regent’s credit. The program is also part of CollegeNow through Tompkins Cortland Community College and a student may earn up to 6 credits in CSS 112 (Hardware Repair and Maintenance) and CSS 212 (Help Desk and User Support). Objectives are to:
  1. Help the network administrator keep the school’s computer network up and running, this includes over 300 classroom and office workstations, AIO desktops, laptops, two servers, several computer labs, iPads, Kindles, SMART Boards, digital cameras, the TV studio, and more
  2. Fulfill daily computer work requests from classrooms, computer labs, and administrative offices in a timely manner
  3. Unpack, inventory, and setup new computer equipment and computer furniture
  4. Setup and maintain printer installs, upgrades of drivers, problems, jams, and replace ink cartridges
  5. Install and download software – Microsoft Office, web browsers, Anti-Virus, and other titles along with knowing how to find and download drivers and other upgrades and needed information online
  6. Help maintain the school’s website with updates, pictures, and videos
  7. Know how to use Microsoft Office Professional at an intermediate level
  8. Know how to use Adobe Photoshop at an intermediate level
  9. Help answer all email related questions and/or problems with users
  10. Help answer and maintain all Internet related questions and/or problems with users
  11. Troubleshoot and fix software and hardware failures
  12. Create and restore drive images for ghosting workstations
  13. Research upgrades, replacement parts, or new purchases of software and hardware and offer recommendations that students and teachers would benefit from
  14. Stay computer literate with new changes in technology
  15. When performing tasks above, make sure all technological needs for students, teachers, and all other staff members are met in a timely manner

Current Computer Work Study Program

Computer Work Study Program in the 1990's