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Elementary Computers:  Students arriving at Cincinnatus will see technology all around them and throughout their entire early year's grades UPK-4. They will have opportunities to use current technology such as iPads, touch screen computers, SMART Boards, Chromebooks, and more! Through the many software titles and educational applications, we search for hands-on ways that the student can be interactive with the technology and with each other for a fun learning experience.

Secondary Computers: The Cincinnatus Computer Department is pleased to offer students a Regent’s-bearing computer program that is held by just a handful of schools in New York State.  Six of our thirteen classes also give concurrent enrollment college credit through Tompkins Community College. Students can choose from a variety of subjects to complete the elective portion of their 5 year program. These include: Digital Video Production, School News Paper and/or Yearbook Productin, Computer Graphics, College Success, Computer Aided Design, Computer Work Study, Robotics, and more!
We house two computers or more in every classroom and computers are also available in any of our many labs:
Elementary Computer Lab 307
Middle School Computer Lab Room 204
High School Computer Lab & TV Studio Room 307
Library Media Lab 410
Digital Cameras and full studio setups
TV Studio

2809 Cincinnatus Road
Cincinnatus, NY 13040