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Board of Education Goals

Our ultimate goal, as a Board of Education,
is to support the Districts Strategic Plan through the following subset of goals:

Goal #1: Teaching & Learning

We as a district wish to establish ourselves as a learning community that is engaged in high levels of reflective practice, teamwork, and the consistent application of data, best practices and research as a platform for instructional and educational decision making.

Additionally, we as a district want our students to benefit from an aligned curriculum, instruction which engages our students, provides immediate, ontarget assistance they may need, challenges higher level learners and prepares students for the 21st Century experience, which may include a career plan and/or higher education.

Goal #2: School & Community Culture

We as a District, inclusive our internal stakeholders (staff and students) as well as our external stakeholders (families and community), want a dynamic culture which is characterized by an environment of trust, collaboration, communication, approachability, and the caring, nurturing attitude that we as a community must have if our students are going to be successful and meet lifes challenges.

Goal #3: Finance & Facilities

Institute a fiscally sound budget process that reviews and judiciously utilizes all available resources to support the districts Strategic Plan and the Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP) to ensure ongoing maintenance of our current facilities while exploring energy saving green initiatives.