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Art Students Raise Money to Buy Art Supplies for Hurricane Victims: The Cincinnatus Art Club has been asking for donations to help the school Orangefield High School. The art room at the school had been destroyed by hurricane Harvey, so all of the art supplies were ruined. The donations will help them buy new art supplies.  The Cincinnatus Art Club met their goal and raised over $500 for Orangefield High School.  Thank you to everyone who donated.  Meanwhile the Art Club is also planning on creating a Mosaic on the school wall in the arc by the offices, which will bring more light to the school.   more >>
Order Your 2018 Yearbook Today!: Elementary Yearbook Order Form High School Yearbook Order Form more >>
Large Gym Grand Opening: Capital Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony A very special thank you to all who attended the December 13, 2016 Capital Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. The event began in our Wilbur Auditorium at 6:30 PM with a warm welcome to our guests, including Senator Seward, and provided a culminating activity to recognize the $8.72 million renovations to our beloved Cincinnatus School. After publicly thanking the Board of Education, for their work in the development of the voter referendum, which was held on February 11, 2014, the administration, staff, and residents, and viewing several before and after project related slides, the group walked to our large gymnasium for the ceremonial cutting of the ribbon. The boys’ varsity basketball team completed their pre-game warmup ... more >>
Harlem Wizards: January 18th, the Harlem Wizards came to Cincy to put on a show as a fundraiser in support of the Crossroads Sports Complex. During the day, King Arthur, a Harlem Wizard, came to the school to put on a sneak peak of what the evening show was going to be like. All grades, UPK-12, attended and it was a fun experience for everyone filled with dancing and basketball tricks. Many people attended the evening fundraiser and there were many positive comments from the community. It was an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone that attended. more >>
Chris's Run Flyer: Join us for Chris's Run 2k17 Flyer -  Chris' Run Flyer 2017 more >>
Scholastic Art Awards:       A well deserved big congratulations goes out to our Cincy art students who recently competed in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. This is a very tough competition. Ourstudents competed against 100 otherschools and around 5000 pieces of artwork total were submitted. Kyleigh Baker, Kennedy Crothers, Yasemin Erkan, Austen Gardner, Caitlyn Gerrard, and McKenzie Lidell all had their work shown atOnondaga Community College along with other winning works.  All winning artwork was exhibited in the Whitney Applied Technology Center at Onondaga Community College. more >>
Area All-State Festival: Coming up on February 5 th and 6 th , Keyara Aiken and Dylan Barber will also be participating in the 2016 Zone 3 Senior High Area All-State Festival. This festival is held at Ithaca College involving students from throughout central New York. Selection for this event is based on the students’ NYSSMA scores from last spring’s solo festivals. Please note that the concert for this event will be held at 6 PM on Saturday, Feb. 6 in Ford Hall at the Whalen Music Center on the Ithaca College campus. There is an admission charge of $7; tickets may be purchased at the door.   more >>
Cody Metcalf Goes to All-County!: Cody Metcalf, who plays 1st Trumpet in our band, has been selected to participate in the first-ever Tompkins-Cortland All-County Music Festival. This event will take place on Nov. 20 and 21 at Dryden High School, with the culminating concert being held at 2 PM on Saturday the 21st. Included in the program are the All-County Middle School Orchestra, Middle School Band and High School Band. Cody will be playing in the trumpet section in the High School Band. He has been working with Mr. Koch on some very difficult music, practicing both after school and evenings to prepare for the festival. We wish Cody the best of luck in this exciting and musically challenging event! more >>
Cortland County Conservation Field Days: Sixth graders enjoyed spending the day outdoors on September 18, during the Cortland County Conservation Field Days at 4-H Camp Owahta in Solon. A variety of science related topics were presented by natural resource professionals of Cortland County to teach and demonstrate to students valuable lessons in relation to conservation and our environment. Students participated in a wide range of presentations throughout the day. Aquaponics, composting, firearm safety, and falconry were just a few of the topics that were part of this year’s field days. One station in particular focused on the value of teamwork and how collaboration and communication can lead to success. With the cooperation of Mother Nature, it turned ... more >>
Community Foundation Golf Tournament:     more >>
4th Annual Chris' Run: Come join us for the 4th Annual Chris' Run on July 4th, 2015, at 8:00 AM For more information visit the link below Chrisrun2015.pdf more >>
A Look at Our Alumni: Alicia Aiken is an alumna of Cincinnatus Central school, Class of 2006. She is currently working as a counselor at TC3. While she was in high school she knew she wanted to be a counselor. In high school she took psychology courses with Mr. Snyder, which helped her recognize her passion for helping people. After graduation she went to college at TC3 where she majored in Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. After getting her degree at TC3 Alicia went to SUNY Cortland, majoring in Psychology and then went to Syracuse University, to get her masters in social work. While at Syracuse University she did a field placement program which was required for her degree. Moving from such a small school as Cincinnatus to college wasn’t hard for her since a lot of students she graduated ... more >>
Rainforest Fundraising Project: Starting on November 25th the 10th grade students in Mr. Morrell’s biology class held a fundraiser to help protect the rain forest in Peru. The student’s had been learning about the rain forest and the deforestation that occurs all around the world, and as they learned about it they wanted to help. The students asked Mr. Morrell if there were any ways in which they could help stop deforestation. He then told the students about Rainforest Trust, an organization that he had learned about in college. This organization uses donations to buy acres of rainforest that are going to be destroyed and turns them into a reserve, like the national parks that we have here in the U.S. As the students learned more they decided to ask for donations from family and friends ... more >>
2015 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: Madison Knickerbocker's mixed media piece, "All Apes" Since its founding, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have established an amazing track record for identifying the early promise of our nation’s most accomplished creative leaders. Past winners include artists like Andy Warhol;  writers such as Sylvia Plath and Joyce Carol Oates; actors like Robert Redford; and filmmakers such as Stan Brakhage and Ken Burns. Outside of the arts, Awards alumni employ their creativity to become successful in any number of ways – leaders in fields including journalism, medicine, finance, government and public service, the law, science, design, and more.   This year, Cincinnatus had an unheard of showing for ... more >>
Students' Windchimes Facilitate Investigation: The Cincinnatus Applied Physical Science class built wind chimes to facilitate an investigation into waves, sound, and resonance. As part of the grade for the wave unit, these chimes were rated on the quality of the design and build, the visual aesthetics, and the audio quality.   Submitted by: Mr. Cringle more >>
Student Chosen for Area All State: Keyara Aiken will proudly represent Cincinnatus among other students from the Central New York region in the Women's Chorus.      Keyara Aiken has been selected to participate in the Women’s Chorus at this year’s Area All-State Festival, which will be held at Ithaca College the weekend of Jan. 30 – 31. This is a step above the All-County Festival in that participants come from throughout the Central New York region. Keyara was chosen based on the rating she received on last spring’s NYSSMA solo festival. We wish her the best of luck in this fabulous musical opportunity! The concert will be held in Ford Hall on the Ithaca College campus on Jan. 31 at 2 PM.  more >>
Cortland County Youth of the Year: Bethany, along with her parents, at the award ceremony.        On November 18 th , 2014, Bethany Ward received the 2014 Cortland County Youth of the Year award and also received an iPad mini as an additional reward. This award is for any Cortland county resident under the age of twenty-one that exhibits leadership, service, resilience with significant contributions in community and school involvement, character and personal accomplishments and are nominated by a resident of the community.       Bethany was nominated by Ms. Eccleston and then by Ms. Carey for this award. When Ms. Eccleston was asked why she chose to nominate Bethany she stated “Bethany is an incredible young lady who dedicates her entire ... more >>
The Gift of Giving: Mrs. Pierce's 5th grade class at their field trip to the Rural Services building         On December 4th, 2014, the 5th grade class took a field trip to Rural Services. With Ms. Scheftic, a SUNY Cortland student teacher, fifth graders started a new unit and novel in Mrs. Pierce’s ELA class, The Family Under the Bridge , and were exposed to the theme of homelessness and learned about people in the world who suffer from poverty. Rural Services was an opportunity for the students to see a place in their own community that reaches out to people in need. Fifth graders walked over with a canned food item in their hands to donate to the food pantry.       During their trip there, the students got a ... more >>
4th Grade Longhouses:   The Longhouses are back and on display in the Fourth grade wing! The Fourth grade classes have been studying about the early Native Americans, also known as the Iroquois, or the Haudenosaunee, meaning the People of the Longhouse.  As part of the New York State core curriculum, Social Studies content is encompassed in the new ELA modules set forth by New York State. Fourth grade Social Studies curriculum is based on New York State history. The students have worked together to research the nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, consisting of the original five: Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida and Mohawk. Students learned about the Iroquois way of life, men and women’s roles, cultural beliefs, and also had the opportunity to take part in ... more >>
NHS Ice Cream Social: The National Honor Society hosted an ice cream social on November 14th for the students who made Honor Roll and Merit Roll for the first marking period of the 2014-15 school year. The NHS members served the ice cream and recipients were able to choose from a huge variety of topping choices. Ninety-three students were eligible and received certificates in addition to ice cream sundaes. Congratulations to all our students! more >>

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